Germination and vegetable sprouts

Mix 1 part of vermicompost and 4 parts of soil (or 1 part of vermicompost, 3 parts of peat and 1 part of sand).

Replanting flowers and plants

When replanting vegetables and garden flowers, mix 1 part of vermicompost and 3-5 parts of soil. When replanting potted flowers, mix 1 part of vermicompost and 5-7 parts of soil.

Additional fertilization during vegetative growth

Distribute vermicompost around the plant (~0.5 l/m2), mix it with soil and then water it.

Soil health boosting

Mix 0.5-1 l/m2 of vermicompost with the top layer of soil and water it. If the soil is extremely worn out, use more vermicompost.

Vegetables in beds

0,4-1 l/m2


When sowing a lawn, mix 1-2 l of vermicompost mixed with soil into 1 m2 of the lawn.

Trees and shrubs

0,5-3 l/m2

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