Californian worms

“Earthworms are the intestines of the earth,” said Aristotle.

In 1959, a hybrid species of earthworms capable of living and reproducing under industrial conditions and producing high amounts of humus were bred in California, USA. These worms can compost food waste, forestry and timber industry waste, wastewater and agricultural organic matter into organic fertilizer. As worms have no teeth, they suck and grind the waste.


Compared to other worm species, Californian Red Worms live four times longer (up to 16 years) and are ten times more prolific. A single worm may have up to 1500 offsprings in a year. Under favorable temperature conditions, one such worm can suck the amount of food equal to twice its own weight.

2M Company UAB offers Californian Red Worms for:

  • Fishing

  • Compost bin

  • Production of vermicompost

Worms are sold in buckets together with the required amount of compost.

Californian worms

500 gr.

10 EUR

Californian worms

1000 gr.

20 EUR

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